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We are listed Acheson & Glover retailers for Monaghan and carry a large stock of G-LIME. Granulated lime is the ideal way for farmers to spread lime by themselves because all that is needed is a fertiliser sewer and a tractor. G-LIME is a cleaner alternative to standard lime as dust is practically eliminated and overspread is reduced. Call in store today to obtain a leaflet showing the benefits of G-LIME or view the leaflet online by following the link below.



We are stockists of "New Choice" land drainage and carry a large stock of 80mm piping. New Choice land drainage eliminates the need for gravel to be used alongside the piping as conventional piping does. Because of this, New Choice land drainage is effective in draining boggy areas with peaty soils as there is a filter stoping particles from entering the pipe and therefore stoping the pipe from clogging. New Choice land drainage works in most soils but it’s easy to do a quick test. The best test for your own ground is to dig a hole the depth you require the piping to be. If this hole has water in it this means your soil allows the migration of water. New choice drainage piping will work on any soil or ground that allows water to migrate through the gradients that make up the soil, this applies to all drainage applications regardless of the pipe. Example if you dig an open drain in wet ground water will appear in the drain almost immediately, this water has just migrated to the lowest point of hydrostatic pressure and the path of least resistance. Some soils have more or less gradients than others. Peat and moory soils are the best, clay and gravely soil are also ideally graded. Heavy locky doby soils are the slowest soils to penetrate. So we will conclude to say that any soil that allows water to migrate through it is drainable.


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